6 Myths About The Online Newspaper

  1. You Need Expensive Proprietary Website Software: No longer true.  Just read the open the first page of www.Drupal.org – 16,000 modules available (most for free), millions of Open Source websites, tens-of-thousands of developers.  TownNews, 1up, Matchbin and others can’t keep pace and can’t develop fast enough.  Again, much of it for free.  Talk to us how we can save you significant money to get a better website.  Stop renting, make this happen for your media.
  2. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Nope.  It’s one of the fundamental rules of any business that your best clients are your current ones.  Our experience, having worked at with manynewspapers for years, is that it is extremely rare that an advertiser reduces print advertising for web advertising – it just does not happen.  The fact is, they increase their total advertising.
  3. The Newspaper Is Losing Print Subscribers The Web: True, if you’re giving away your news for free. Community newspapers have the advantage of being the hands-down favorite local news outlet because of their depth-of-coverage.  Many community newspapers are actually increasing their paid subscriptions by “doing it right”.   These papers have learned how to make print and web work together for a greater return.
  4. Newspaper Sales People Can Sell the Web: They can, but like anything, to do it right and to do it well proper training makes a huge difference.  This is where Pica shines. You can avoid the “big mistakes” frequently made by even the best sales people when selling the web:   they don’t quite understand the product, they don’t sell for the long-term, they under-price your site,  and the “ad inventory” is almost non-existent and messy – to name a few.
  5. The Web is the Future of Newspapers:  I’m not convinced.  Diet Coke didn’t bring down regular Coke, in fact, Coca-Cola sold more product because it had both.  Newspapers can do the same.
  6. You Can Do Your Web Ad Sales In-House: That’s the theory, but I’ve seen too many publishers convinced by well-intentioned sales people that they can sell web with no training or general knowledge of how optimize  and then one year later there’s still nothing sustainable happening.  Also, it’s much tougher to go back to advertisers later, after they’ve already said, “No thanks” or “I already tried that.”   It is important to get your web sales done right the first time.
It costs nothing for you check with us and what we can bring to your table.  The short phone discussion and a free analysis will give you a much more precise view of your online potential.
Act on this, again,  it’s costs you nothing, whereas the upside could be significant.


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