Monetize Website

Pica New Media  is a web revenue solution for community newspapers.

We come to your community, go out on the street with your sales staff and train them to sell your website while making you money.  It’s a well-prepared and focused jump start for your web advertising revenue.

The advantage of using Pica is that we succeed together and you only pay for results.  The web advertising blitz is performance driven and because of this we are very motivated to succeed for you by optimizing your revenue.  Our knowledge and experience will deliver a polished and effective web ad campaign for your paper.
Their are simple two goals for your Web Campaign:

1. Create a strong, sustainable revenue stream and profit from your website.

2. Train your sales team to continue revenue building your website as an important advertising
channel throughout the year. We want your advertisers to recognize that is
the best website in the area to place their web advertising.

We will give your sales staff the confidence to take your site even further with week-
to-week up-sells from your print publications and show them how to sell all the
potential  web ad Inventory.

If these goals of training while creating excellent profit align with yours – let’s talk.
Contact us today.   Rob Anfinson, 612-910-7714