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Rob Anfinson

ROB ANFINSON: Newspaper website software and web revenue sales for newspapers since 1999. Website sales, National Sales Director, AnyTime News,  we went from seven newspapers to 180 online newspapers in a year-and-a-half.   Owner, Swift Co. Monitor, (three publications), 12 years; bought newspapers from my father, sold to my brother Reed. Minnesota Newspaper Association advertising committee 7 Years.   Pica New Media since 2001.

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For over ten years we have been helping newspapers with their website software solution, E-Editions, and web advertising sales.  We help deliver a complete solution of print and website working together.   The newspapers we work with achieve sustainable profit from their websites with no loss of print subscriptions or print advertising.   (You can increase print revenue and web revenue at the same time.  You can increase total paid subscriptions with no loss of local subscriptions.)

Stop guessing, get your newspaper’s website done right and create new sustainable revenue.  Call or email today, let’s talk.